JPMorgan Chase is preventing employees from using ChatGPT- ChatGPT News 2023

JPMorgan Chase, ChatGPT News 2023

Why JPMorgan Chase is preventing employees from using ChatGPT

ChatGPT Latest Updats

JPMorgan Chase has banned its staff from using ChatGPT, the Wall Street Journal reported. A person familiar with the matter told the media outlet that the bank has not banned the use of the popular artificial intelligence chatbot for any specific incident.
After Amazon and several US universities, JP Morgan Chase has become the latest organization to restrict the use of chatbots in the workplace.

ChatGPT Reports

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT has quickly gained popularity across the globe. It has crossed 10 lakh users just a few days after its launch. The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are using chatbots to automate tasks at work and school. However, it has additionally raised questions on how AI should transform white-collar jobs. Developed through OpenAI, an artificial intelligence studies and improvement company, the chatbot can have interaction in a “conversational way”.

Uses of OPenAI

Last week, Verizon Communications banned the usage of AI in its company systems, announcing it can lose possession of client data or supply code that its personnel typed into ChatGPT.

Employees of diverse companies are the use of chatgpt to put in writing emails or studies topics. While many users say chatbots help them get things done faster, others are trying to avoid being left behind as technology evolves.

ChatGPT App

ChatGPT is primarily based totally at the company’s GPT-3.five era version that makes use of deep studying to create human-like interactions.

Apart from ChatGPT, different tech organizations have additionally released comparable products. Google released a conversational AI service, Bard, and Microsoft released an AI-included seek engine, Bing.

Earlier this month, OpenAI stated it plans to release a paid model of ChatGPT for $20 in step with month.

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